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2015 Parent Volunteer of the Year
2015 Parent Volunteer of the Year

Parent Volunteers Thanked and Honored by LVESA and VCUSD

On the evening of Thursday, June 2, 2016, the Vallejo City Unified School District hosted it's second annual Parent of the Year Celebration.   Our parents were recognized for their partnership, their leadership, and their understanding that the Vallejo City Unified School District is dedicated toward partnering with parents and community leaders as we build our Pipeline to Prosperity for all of our students.  Mrs. Gabriela Gonzalez was honored as the 2016 Loma Vista Parent of the Year.  She serves Loma Vista as our PTA President.



Playfighting is a form of Bullying

From an article by Kenzi Bizbing, Youth Services Manager, Oakland Mediation Center

Dr. Dan Olweus defines bullying as "when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself." Bullying behavior has three key components. First, it is a form of aggression. Second, it is a repeated behavior. This is not to say that adults should wait until they see a pattern before intervening. Adults rarely see the pattern. Third, there is an imbalance of power or strength. This imbalance of power can be physical, emotional, verbal, and subtle and makes it difficult for youth to defend themselves. There are several things that influence how much power a person has– social status, gender, race, religion, abilities, money, real or perceived sexual orientation, etc. Overall, it is important to remember that bullying is a form of peer abuse.

Vallejo City Participatory Budget Approves Funding to fix Loma Vista's Streets

Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy has been asking for help getting Rainier and Olympic Streets repaved for many years.  Last year PTA President Mrs. Gaby Gonzalez contacted a television news station to highlight the poor condition of the road which serves Loma Vista, the Loma Vista Farm, and neighboring charter school MITA.  The project has received approval as part of the Vallejo City Participatory Budget Cycle 3.  Thank you to all Vallejo citizens who voted to fund this project!!!!


$105,462 in funding was used to leverage a Safe Routes to School (SR2S) grant at Wardlaw Elementary that will enable Public Works to significantly expand its scope of work.

Wardlaw Elementary is particularly unsafe school/traffic area, with unsafe crosswalks, insufficient street parking/areas for loading and unloading, and 4 lanes of traffic at high speeds. The SR2S project, combined with the PB Project funding, will allow Public Works to completely repave the entire street while installing numerous safety devices and measures. The was completed in Fall 2016.

The balance in remaining funds ($159,538) will be used to repave Rainier Avenue and Olympic Avenue (VCUSD-owned roads adjacent to MIT Academy, Loma Vista Farm, and Loma Vista Elementary School) in Summer 2017.

About Us

The Loma Vista PTA  is a joint group of parents, staff and community members working together for the benefit of Loma Vista students.  It provides support to students through parent volunteers, fundraising (to provide benefits to the school such as new equipment and field trips) and other special events. The LVESA PTA puts on the Book Fair, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Family Reading Night, and Multi-Cultural student performances.  If you are interested in PTA, please contact Office Manager Ms. Liz at (707) 556-8550 or Teacher Leader Mrs. Lali Sircar at  PTA President Mrs. Gabby Gonzalez is on campus in Room 32 most days welcoming parents in to get to know each other and assist teachers with projects.  Stop in today!