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Amanda & Julia Enos

STEAM at Loma Vista

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a unique program that focuses on preparing students in grades K-8 for STEAM related careers through relevant and rigorous curriculum and instructions.  Students learn and grow through STEAM by:


  • Learning with rigorous Next Generation Standards
  • Engaging in scientific and engineering practices through hands-on project based instructions
  • Utilizing technology to build computing and coding skills
  • Building mathematical knowledge

Practicing teamwork and content skill through challenging science projects



VCUSD STEAM prepares students to meet the challenges of the future.  The demand for skilled workers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is closely linked to global completeness.   In this climate of economic uncertainty, America is once again turning to innovation as the way to ensure a prosperous future.  Yet innovation remains tightly coupled with STEM subjects.  Art plus design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.  VCUSD works hard to prepare students for the 21st century beginning early in Pre-school and TK and following through intensive high school academics.

Making Atom Models
Mrs Enos, STEAM Content Specialist