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The School Site Council (SSC) - is composed of parents and staff members who develop and establish Special State School Improvement site plan and budget to improve our school program.  The School Site Council's responsibility is to assist the staff in the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement which guides all activities, academic and social, here at Loma Vista.  It also has an ongoing responsibility to review the implementation of the program and to assess the effectiveness of the program. 

If you are interested in be a part of the SSC, please contact our Principal, Britt Hammon at (707) 556-8550 or


School Site Council and ELAC Meeting February 9 @ 8:20 am room 32


B. Hammon, published Monday December 5, 2016


Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy

Thursday, February 9, 2017 It’s a Great Day to be an Owl!

Jueves, 2 de febrio 2017 Es un gran día para ser un búho!







1. Introduction and call to order

5 minutes

o Introduce Officers – Mrs. Sircar


o Everyone welcome to SSC and ELAC meetings


2. Reports & Discussion Items

10 minutes

o Put VCUSD APP on your phone

o February 24 Assemblies for Honor Roll, DBA Scores, Student of the Month

o Information and Data on VCUSD and LVESA

Assembly times:

K-2 = 9:30,

6-8 = 10:30,

3-5 = 2:00;

all in the cafeteria.

3. Budget money

10 minutes

o Field trips for each grade level using LCAP budget money (No vote needed) (see below)

o Intervention Classes – Sylvan and LVESA

o Bilingual Tutor and ELD Instruction


4. Vote needed

10 minutes

o LVESA Safety Plan approval (vote needed)

See online

5. Items from the group

15 minutes

Kinder = Bay Model in Sausalito

1st = Sacramento Zoo

2nd = Academy of Science

3rd and SDC = Ag Day (Vallejo) and Exploratorium in San Francisco and Wetlands

4th = Petaluma Adobe

5th = Berkeley College and Museum of Natural Sciences (same trip), Exploratorium

6th = Rosecrucian Museum in San Jose

7th = Black Diamond Mines in Antioch

8th = Walker Creek Ranch - 4 nights



6. Items for next agenda



School Site Council Examines Data Trends

The LVESA School Site Council and ELAC met on Thursday, December 8 to review the Intervention Classes and Field Trips funded by LCAP budget money.  No vote was needed.  Other items discussed included putting the VCUSD App on phones and assemblies for Honor Roll and Student of the Month.