Congratulations Loma Vista!

The Naval Lodge has chosen Loma Vista ESA as the Public Schools Week Scholarship Recipient!  We were nominated and supported by Mr. Bettman, and the Naval Lodge will present LVESA with a $500 at the April 12, 2017 Governing Board Meeting.  The Naval Lodge Members will soon be visiting Loma Vista to learn more about the great things happening at Loma Vista.  It's a great time to be an Owl!

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Student Records Transcripts

All Student Records Must Be Requested At Least Two Days In Advance

As part of VCUSD's efforts to keep student records safe, all requests for printed student information must be made on-line.  Our school web page has a link on the left-hand side for you to make the request from any internet-accessible device.  If you don't have one available to you, or if you would like guided assistance from Ms. Liz or Ms. Barbara, come into the office between 10 and 3 pm.  We are sorry, but you can no longer get a copy of records upon request at the office.  With this new process, we need two days to process the request and print them for you. SORRY, BUT WE CAN NOT ACCOMMODATE SAME-DAY REQUESTS.

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DBA #3 Testing runs from February 27 - March 10, 2017.  All VCUSD K-8 students will be taking common assessments in English and Mathematics. To create and maintain the best testing environment for our students, the office staff will be limiting interruptions via announcements and visitors.  No cupcakes or other deliveries will occur during class testing time.  Please check with your child's teacher for details or ask Ms. Barbara in the office.


Loma Vista ESA celebrated Black History Month with two assemblies featuring students showcasing the works of great Americans and world cultures with spoken word poetry, biographical presentations, museum walk, dance, song, other mediums.  Staff members Ms. Fran Mabry, Mrs. Shontae Wills, Mr. Michael Henry, Mrs. Elaine DiStefano, Mr. Kevin Traveler, and Mr. Eddie Barragan encouraged, supported, and led our students to do a great job in front of their peers.  Portions of the program will be presented at Spring Family Night on March 14, 2017.



From an article by Kenzi Bizbing, Youth Services Manager, Oakland Mediation Center

Dr. Dan Olweus defines bullying as "when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself." Bullying behavior has three key components. First, it is a form of aggression. Second, it is a repeated behavior. This is not to say that adults should wait until they see a pattern before intervening. Adults rarely see the pattern. Third, there is an imbalance of power or strength. This imbalance of power can be physical, emotional, verbal, and subtle and makes it difficult for youth to defend themselves. There are several things that influence how much power a person has– social status, gender, race, religion, abilities, money, real or perceived sexual orientation, etc. Overall, it is important to remember that bullying is a form of peer abuse.


Principal Britt Hammon

Principal HammonHello Friends and Family,

There are many things which make Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy a special place for learning. We remain committed to working together as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), to utilize the knowledge and skills each Team member possesses, to communicate, and to partner effectively with parents to ensure their child's success in school. Our vision continues to be to create a learning community where every child will achieve to his/her highest potential. Loma Vista is a safe place where children are free to learn, grow, make mistakes and learn from these mistakes. We provide a challenging program to all students in a caring way, with support systems for all levels.

We are very pleased with the progress we have made developing as an Environmental Science Academy over the last four years.  All classes and students visit the Loma Vista Farm each week and participate in hands-on cooking, animal care, vegetable farming, and science lessons taught by their Teachers, Farmer Rita, Farmer Alisha, and sometimes the Principal!

Loma Vista is also home to only one of two working farms in the country. The Loma Vista Farm is an outdoor classroom that provides children with standards based hands-on learning opportunities to bolster their academic skills in reading, writing, math, social science, language arts and science. To learn more about the farm, please visit the Loma Vista Farm website which can be found on the top of this page. For your convenience, the farm website is

We are very lucky to have a dedicated STEAM lab for our students in grades K-5.  Our students work on long-term projects which incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. LVESA has won STEAM awards two years in a row. We have Mrs Imelda Enos and Ms. Dajah Lewis who work with our students and classroom teachers.

When choosing a school for your children, please consider Loma Vista.  As a K-8 school we are able to offer a close-knit family-centered school which offers many supports to students and families.  Our Academic Support Provider, Carmen Cassius, is our school-community link who works to remove all barriers to student success. 

Looking forward to our Partnership,

Britt Hammon, Principal

It's always a great day to be an Owl!

Loma Vista Farm

The Loma Vista Farm is an working farm and outdoor classroom which supports the academic and environmental programs of Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy, a public K-8 school.  Support for the animals comes from the Friends of Loma Vista Farm. The Loma Vista Farm is an outdoor classroom for LVESA students and available for field trips by contacting Principal Britt Hammon ( at (707) 556-8550 or Farmer Rita at (707) 556-8550. Community members and guests are welcome to visit the farm during school hours from 9 am - 3 pm.  Children love seeing the Alpacas, Goats, Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Horses and a variety of ducks and geese.  The farm is also home to a large vegetable garden tended by the Loma Vista students.  The vegetables are used in nutrition activities for our students. 

Volunteer Work Parties are held every few months at the LVESA Farm  All community members, young and old, are invited to come and work at the farm.  We need people to help with the gardens, keep the tan bark neat, clean the animal pens and other general maintenance.  Check back periodically for an update on the next Volunteer Work Party.

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Upcoming Events

Today: 2/28/17
All Day: District Wide Assessment
6:00 PM Parent Workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation

Kindergarteners win Loma Vista Rubber Duckys!

Win a Loma Vista Ducky

Parent Symposium February 16 @ JBHS

Congratulations to Ms. Fegette and Ms. Bock's kindergarteners.  They won LV Rubber Duckys for having the greatest parent participation at the

2017 VCUSD Parent Symposium

Healthy Opportunity for Parent Education

Activities included:

  • Student Ambassadors Guest Speakers
  • Recognitions Presentations
  • School Spirit Awards
  • Workshops for Parents
  • School Booths - For parents & community members interested in hearing out our PreK-adult programming.

A full dinner and childcare were provided at the event. The Student Ambassadors provided a powerful Thank You to the teachers and staff that have helped them achieve their educational and personal milestones. Loma Vista also won a school pride prize for having a high number of parents using the VCUSD Parent Portal App.  Join today and find out what is happening here at Loma Vista and across the District.

Progress Reports Trimester 2

We are half way through the second trimester of this school year, and all Loma Vista teachers will be giving out progress reports to let you know how your children/students are doing on their schoolwork.  Each teacher will report on the areas of strength and needs for improvement.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with the teacher and speak in person, please leave a message with the teacher or with Ms. Barbara in the office.  (707) 556-8550.

September 27 - Family Night Best Ever

296 People Signed in at Family Night.  Familes and Loma Vista staff were charmed with the performances of Ms. Mabry's middle school Spoken Word Poets, Miss Fegette and Ms. Bock's Kindergarten recitation of the Loma Vista Affirmation, and Ms. Madarang's Second Grade Hula and Song performances.  Ms. Lizzy and a crew of family and friends served Taco Salad to the guests, who enjoyed a Healthy Kids Healthy Food presentation by Ms. Corrinne Quinn.  Solano County Health gave out free flu shots, and the Solano County Library made bookmarks with the students.  We also had representatives from Boy Scouts of America, the Loma Vista Farm (who gave out free veggies to families), and  Mrs. Imelda Enos with the VCUSD STEAM program.  The Boys and Girls Club came out to provide information about their activities with our parents.  All in all, a great night to be a Loma Vista Owl!

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